Lost for thousands of years deep beneath the sea, the ancient ruins of the lost city of Atlantis have finally been uncovered. Experience the myth of Atlantis through:
Hourly Myth Tours ,Aquatheatre shows

For the thrill seekers Aquarium experiences include:
Ultimate Snorkel,Behind the Scene tours & Aquarium Dives (Dive Discovery, Dive Explorer, Predator Dive and Shark Night Dive)


Marine Animal Adventures – Behind The Scenes Tours

See what it takes to care for over 65,000 marine animals in Atlantis through our behind the scene tours. Follow the water’s path to our filtration systems, visit our state of the art Fish Hospital and how we prepare over 400 kilos of food per day, culminating with a fish feeding of your scheduled choice of species




An Expert Perspective

Our Behind the Scenes Tour provides a dynamic and interactive opportunity to experience a day in the life of an expert at The Lost Chambers Aquarium.





Fish Hospital and Nursery

The dedication and care given to all of the Lost Chambers marine animals is exemplified in the Fish Hospital and Nursery. Come visit, and learn how our experts ensure their health and safety.




The Ambassador Lagoon

The Ambassador Lagoon is the largest open air aquarium in the Middle East. Built around the ruins of Atlantis, this awe-inspiring structure is home to hundreds of local marine species from the Arabian Sea.




Get To Feel Our Animals In The Touch Tank

The Lost Chambers’ Aquarium Touch Tanks gives all guests the opportunity to feel and learn about some of the world’s most exotic invertebrates from our expert Marine Educators.



Interactive Aquatheatre Shows 

Learn more facts about the marine life and about scuba diving by our comic scuba divers followed by a feeding show. Offered daily at 10:30am and 3:30pm.




Marine Animal Education

Our Marine Educator experts will tell you everything you need to know about each unique marine animal and the importance of conservation while discovering the treasures hidden within the mysterious catacombs.

Educational Touch Screens

Learn interesting facts about our marine life as you take a self-guided tour with our interactive touch screens located throughout the Lost Chambers Aquarium.

Watch a Fish Feeding Frenzy

Feeding time at the aquarium is a spectacle nobody should miss. Enquire about our feedings times. Should you want to participate in a feeding yourself, book an experience on our Behind the scene tour.






The Seven Sages

The Sages are the geniuses of the Atlantean civilization. In this chamber, lie the remains of an organic computer over the regal central chair of King Atlas. He discussed matters of the state with his Seven Sages surrounding him together with the computer above and the power of the crystals below, he reigned over the Atlantean kingdom.





Navigation Room

The Sages would make their way to the Navigation Room to plan and plot their travels for research, setting coordinates for the teleporter as well as more traditional means of travel by air and sea.





The Red Sage Chamber

The Astronomical Chair and Telescopic Mask were used by the Sages to study the stars. The tiled mural, which is known as The Calendar, depicts night, day, rain, high and low tides and springtime for predicting a successful harvest season.




Atlantean Archaeology

The ancient Atlanteans were known for their advanced technology and incredible architecture. Learn about their society, how they lived and the artefacts they once used on this incredible adventure






There’s no doubt the best way to get to know our 65,000 marine animals is to scuba dive with them. There’s a dive for everyone at Atlantis.

Atlantis Aquarium Dives

Scuba Dive alongside 65,000 incredible marine animals in The Ambassador Lagoon. Dives for both certified and non-certified divers available.





Ultimate Snorkel

Perfect for young and old alike, Ultimate Snorkel lets you explore the lost city of Atlantis and all its marine inhabitants from the perfect vantage point.





Atlantis Aquatrek

Experience the thrill of walking underwater in the Ambassador Lagoon amongst fish, sharks & rays.

No experience or training required.








Dolphin Scuba Dive

Certified scuba divers are invited to experience the rare opportunity to swim and interact with dolphins underwater.






Free Wi-Fi

Enjoy access to our complimentary Wi-Fi across all Marine and Waterpark locations during your visit.