About Dubai: Ways To Tour Dubai With Kids

Ways To Tour Dubai With Kids

Seeing all the sights can be hard with kids in tow. So do it differently with these fun and novel ways to tour town.

Hop On A BusHop On A Bus

Why do kids always make a dash for the seats on the top deck of a bus? The open top of Dubai’s Big Bus or City Sightseeing bus means you’ll have the wind in your hair as you tour town, hopping on and off at any of the designated stops. In a couple of days you can cover all the sights of the city. And what’s more there’s loads of added extras included in the price of the ticket meaning parents will love the value for money too.

Take The Trolley

Chug along Downtown’s Mohammad Bin Rashid Boulevard in the Dubai Trolley. What may look like a charming, old-fashioned wooden tram is actually powered by hydrogen and electricity. Its route takes it passed all the iconic landmarks of Downtown – namely, Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Fountains, The Old Town and Souk Al Bahar. There’s three stops along the one kilometre route so far but eventually the route will span seven kilometres.

Reach For The Skies With Seawings

The waters of the Arabian Gulf will be your runway as you take off in your Seawings sea plane to tour Dubai from the cloudless sky. Everyone gets a window seat on board this Cessana 208 Caravan seaplane allowing you to look down on Palm Jumeirah (and appreciate that it really was created in the shape of a palm tree). You’ll circle the luxurious Burj Al Arab, get close to the top of the Burj Khalifa and admire Dubai’s combination of twisting towers, minarets, hotels and beaches. Flights last 40 minutes – leaving the kids still wanting more.

Dubai-MetroRide The Metro

It may be a daily form of transport for Dubai commuters, but the city’s Metro also presents a perfect way for you to see the sights. From its elevated rails, travellers can look out onto the areas through which the system’s red and green lines snake, passing by iconic sights such as the Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa. Hopping onto the metro also avoids all the traffic and smoothly takes you from the old to new parts of town.

Ply The Creek On An Abra

Step on board an abra – one of the wooden open-topped boats that have been plying the waters of Dubai Creek for years; jostle for a seat with all the daily commuters and tourists that want to cross between the Deira and Bur Dubai side and then off you chug. It’s a chaotic, exciting ride and offers great photo opportunities. And, at just one dirham a passenger, it’s a cheap and fun ride.

Glide In A Hot Air Balloon

The children will forgive you for the early morning start when they are soaring above the sand dunes in a hot air balloon. Keep an eye out for wandering camels and prancing gazelles as you enjoy a magic carpet ride over the ocean of desert below in what is an exhilarating and unforgettable adventure. Children must be over six-years-old.

Cruise The Coast With Dubai Ferry

Admire the cityscape from a boat when you cruise along the Dubai shore on the Dubai Ferry. Operating from Dubai Marina to Al Ghubaiba, the ferry is a fun way to travel between ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Dubai.

Pedal About Town

Why walk when you can cycle? Bikes can be hired from up to 16 Byky stations around the city. See the Downtown sites on two wheels; do a turn along the waterways of Dubai Marina; do the rounds along The Palm and freewheel along the coast of Jumeirah.  


Drive On Water

Without moving from your seat, one minute you’re in a bus and the next in a boat. That’s the magic of The Wonder Bus – Dubai’s amphibious touring bright yellow bus. From land and from the waters of the Duabi Creek you’ll tour the sights of the historic the Al Shindagha area and the old souqs – but be prepared for that mind blogging moment when you purposefully drive straight into the water.

Venture Into The Desert On Safari

You haven’t seen Dubai until you’ve seen the desert. As well as enjoying the bump and grind of the dune bashing, the highlight of any desert safari is to see the golden sun set and appreciate the spellbinding sight of the waves of dunes disappear beyond the horizon. You’ll also get a little insight into Bedouin lifestyle when you sit around a camp fire eating traditional food under the stars in your desert camp.